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Fixed Odds Betting Strategies: The POP Pick 3

The POP pick 3 (playing overlays in pick 3’s) is one of the most lucrative fixed odds betting horse race strategies, if you single a horse in one leg. Singling 2-1 is not a good idea, as the payout will diminish. The POP pick 3 fixed odds betting strategy will help you increase the odds and make for a decent payout.

For this strategy, you’ll need $500. Keep placing $25 wagers. If applicable, make a separate bankroll for your POP pick 3 bet fixed odds betting strategy. If $500 is too much, choose the light POP pick 3 fixed odds betting strategy version (explained below).

The first step is choosing a horse to single. The odds you’re after are 3-1 or better. Find a pick 3 fixed odds betting wager that not many gamblers will place.

Tip: don’t wager on value odds horses. The remaining two legs should have 8+ horses entered. The next two horses should have true odds of at least 6-1. If you already have a favorite, you can back up your fixed odds betting wager with a win bet on the horse.

The POP pick 3 light version: bet on your favorite horse (same as above) with 3 horses in the remaining two legs. The horses are to be within the true odds range.

Tip: keep a log of your fixed odds betting history, as it will help you improve your odds straightaway. Write down info on every bet, and your knowledge will expand quite soon. Live betting odds are one of the fastest ways to achieve your goals, so make sure to boost your odds with this simple step.

last but not least, make sure to bet only at licensed wagering sites. Find our recommendations at Fixed Odds Betting for the best gambling experience on the wide web! All sportsbooks we recommend are licensed, offer lucrative bonuses, guarantee payouts, and have around-the-clock customer support, Sign up today to start betting with ease!

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Fixed Odds Betting – Tips and Strategies

Whether you are pro or a beginner, you might have heard of some betting strategies. Some of them are less complex and some require more thinking and planning on your part. One of the latter groups is called the Fibonacci strategy. As you might guess, it relies on the Fibonacci sequence which we will explain later in the text. Some people argue that using this strategy one can make huge profits. We will try to explain the strategy and warn you about its possible drawbacks.
The concept is pretty simple. First, you bet on a draw. If you lose, bet on another one. The process needs to be repeated until you win. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

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